Accelerating the Great Commission!



We are grateful to the LORD for convening approximately 150 servant leaders, representing nearly 50 nations in the inaugural Billion Soul Harvest Global Summit.

These humble national and global leaders as well as missionaries and prayer leaders gathered to embrace CHRIST's passion to invite everyone to His Forever Family though His Global Body.  We appreciate all who participated and are currently implementing the vision of Billion Soul Harvest TOGETHER by 2030!  Our 2022 Global Summit will take place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 12-15.  Registration is coming soon.

Global Leaders Summit


October 3-6, 2021

Conference Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
A Ministry of the Navigators.

From the Planning Team

Thank you for accepting our invitation!

You will be among approximately 150 servant leaders participating in our four day Summit towards Billion Soul Harvest TOGETHER by 2030. We have been praying and preparing for our opportunity to gather in JESUS' Name.

Please read this entire page and contact with any questions/concerns, and frequently visit this page for updates, changes and additional information.



Implementation of the Great Commission in Great Unity to prepare for the return of Lord Jesus Christ.

We will cooperate with global movements such as Finishing the Task (FTT), Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX), GO Movement and Transform World.



Together pursuing a global community of holy and humble servant-catalysts serving the whole Body of Christ to inspire and promote the Great Harvest.  We will embrace and promote John 17:23 unity and foster trusting relationships among the Global Church leaders from various regions/continents, and pursue the Billion Soul Harvest TOGETHER.






If you have not yet registered, please do so now:





  • Glen Eyrie response to COVID-19


    In response to the CDC’s announcement on May 13th updating mask guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, the government order in Colorado currently indicates the following:  Any individual, age eleven (11) and older, who is not fully vaccinated, is encouraged to wear a medical or non-medical cloth face covering that covers the nose and mouth when entering or within an indoor space where members of different households are present.

    In addition, we highly encourage all participants to test for COVID-19 within three days prior to your arrival and do not travel if you have tested positive or feeling sick.  Please bring your own supply of masks and hand sanitizers.  Thank you for considering the well being of one another.



  • BSH SUMMIT General Sessions



    General Session 1 - Great Unity | 6:30-9:00 pm

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Presenters and Facilitators including: Luis & Doris Bush, Michael Dissanyake, Gaylord Enns, Dick Eastman, John Hur, James Hwang, Asher Intrater (video), Daniel Kim, Levent Kinran, Ann Low, Ricardo Luna, John Robb, Ben Torrey, Austen Ukachi, John Weaver, Peter Xu, others to be announced



    General Session 2 - Double Time & Church Multiplication Strategies |9:00-11:00 am

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Dhan Raj Ghimire, Dave Gibson, Ken Harrison, Jason Hubbard, Duck-Young Hwang, Werner Nachtigal, (video), Alec Rowlands, Bill & Rosie Pezzutti, Alec Rowlands, Ricky Santoso, Abraham Sekhar, Tom Victor, Eric Watt (video), others to be announced

    General Session 3 - Mission & Prayer Connection | 3:00-5:30 pm

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Brian Alarid, IPC Team, Grace Kang, George McBane, Dan Scribner, Daniel Vengoechea, others to be announced

    General Session 4 - Great Harvest | 7:00-9:00 pm

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Aziz Aslami, Daniel Cardenas, Mohamad Faridi, Herbert Hong, James Hwang, So-Mang Jang, Kim Family, Bobby Oh, Paul Park, Hormoz Shariat, Tony Vasquez, others to be announced



    General Session 5 - Inter-Generational Movements | 9:00-11:00 am

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Elias Apetogbo (video), Barlow Family, Jacobs Family, Harold Lee, Vikrum & Candy Marballi, Rick Ohmstead, Kathleen Trock-Molhoek, others to be announced

    General Session 6 - New Mission Forces | 3:00-5:30 pm

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Ricardo Castillo, Israel Gomez, Jeff Gowler, Jonathan Hall, Parrish Jacome, Laura Munoz, Cassio Raffa, Gerado Paz, Soledad Rozas, Jim Stier (video), Elisha Wisener, others to be announced

    General Session 7 - Great Breakthrough | 7:00-9:00 pm

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Michael Brown (video), Andy Byrd (video), Stuart Greaves, Jeremy Jacobs, Mike & Cindy Jacobs, Anthony Turner, Robert Wolff, others to be announced



    General Session 8 - Billion Soul Harvest TOGETHER by 2030 | 10:00 am-12:30 pm

    Presenters and Facilitators including: Lou Engle, Dai Sup Han, David Kim, Ho-Jong Park, others to be announced

Sunday - Oct. 3

3:00PM - Arrive at Glen Eyrie

4:00PM - Check-in

5:30PM - Dinner

7:00PM - General Session 1

Monday - Oct. 4

7:30AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - General Session 2

11:00AM - Breakout Session A

12:30PM - Lunch

3:00PM - General Session 3

5:30PM - Dinner

7:00PM - General Session 4

Tuesday - Oct. 5

7:30AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - General Session 5

11:00AM - Breakout Session B

12:30PM - Lunch

3:00PM - General Session 6

5:30PM - Dinner

7:00PM - General Session 7

Wednesday - Oct. 6

7:30AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - Check-out

10:00AM - General Session 8

12:30 pm  Lunch & Departure


Please read our Summit schedule.  Additional details will be posted in the coming weeks.




The Glen Eyrie Conference Center is located approximately 30 minutes from Colorado Springs Airport (COS) and 90 minutes from Denver International Airport (DEN).  For COS arrival and departure, we will do our best to provide ground transportation to and from Glen Eyrie at your request.  For DEN arrival and departure, you will be responsible for your own ground transportation. Glen Eyrie Conference Center address: 3820 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.



We will remain at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center throughout the Summit.  Everyone will be assigned to rooms with double occupancy.


Clothing and Weather

Please dress comfortably in casual/business casual attire, and bring enough clothes for four days as laundry services may not be available The average high temperature in early October is 66F and 19C, and average low temperature is 45F and 4C. Please be sure to check Colorado Springs weather forecast prior to your trip.


Each participant is asked to submit a "mini-bio" to by September 20. 
Please be sure to include:


1. Your last/family/surname, first/given name.

2. City, state/province, nation/territory.

3. Email address, phone number with country code.

4. Mini-bio of 3-6 sentences, 100 words maximum, in third person.

5. Ministry title, if any.

6. Name of your ministry, if any.

7. Ministry website, if any.


We hope to include your mini-bio in our Summit handout listing ALL participants.

Please read the following example of a mini-bio:

Han, Dai Sup

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA +1-530-570-0085

Dai Sup is passionate about promoting relationships and building bridges among Jesus' followers of various regions, denominations, ministries, ethic groups and generations.  He also mobilizes prayer and is actively networking servant leaders and intercessors in response to Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-23. Dai Sup is a former Los Angeles high school teacher, served with YWAM, and has served as the National Facilitator for Prayer Surge NOW!, a weekly Saturday morning national prayer call since 2007. He is also the National Prayer Coordinator for Promise Keepers. (85 words)

Conference Coordinator,
Billion Soul Harvest Global Leadership Summit


Resource Material

We will provide limited table space for those contributing resource materials (e.g., cards, fliers, brochures, bookets, books, DVDs) that will benefit others towards Billion Soul Harvest. We cannot guarantee space for all of your resources and only free materials will be allowed. If you would like to ship your resources (at your expense), we need to receive them by September 24 at the Kingdom Dream Center, 12710 Oak Cliff Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80908, USA.

JESUS’ words

from 2000 years ago

echo true in our generation:

Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! ~ John 4:35b

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Accelerating the Great Commission!