Accelerating the Great Commission!


JESUS’ words

from 2000 years ago

echo true in our generation:

Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! ~ John 4:35b






To accelerate Jesus’ Great Commission by being a catalyst for global cooperation of the Great Harvest among “all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues” in anticipation of His Great Return.


Billions of people throughout the nations are desperate for the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel through the Church.

Therefore, we will embrace and promote John 17:23 Great Unity and foster trusting relationships among the Global Church leaders from various regions/continents, and pursue Billion Soul Harvest together by 2030.


a global community

We will pursue becoming a global community of holy and humble servant-catalysts, committed to serving the entire Body of Christ.

  Relationship Forums

We will provide forums to seek our Father's Heart, engage in synergistic relationships and develop specific targets and strategies towards carrying out Jesus' mandate.

Indigenous Churches

We will bless and honor indigenous churches and international ministries in reaching the nations in all regions/continents to achieve Billion Soul Harvest together by year 2030.


We will cooperate with global movements such as the Finishing the Task, Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, GO Movement and Transform World.

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2021 Honorary Chairpersons

Luis & Doris Bush


Dick Eastman - International President, Every Home for Christ

John Robb - Founder, International Prayer Council

Jason Hubbard - Director, International Prayer Council

James Hwang - Vice Chairman, Korea World Mission Association

Ricardo Luna - International Facilitator, Transform World

Peter Xu - BTJ Movement Leader, China

Tom Victor - President, Great Commission Coalition

Victor Choudhrie - House Church Movement Leader, India

Simon Emiau -  Overseer of Assembly of God, Uganda and Africa

Billion Soul Harvest Together by 2030

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Accelerating the Great Commission!